Mirror House

To extend this charming Victorian house dating back to 1904 we decided to create a modern mirror of the front facade at the back improving it's relationship with the back garden. The new open plan living areas are flanked by two double volume spaces that bring light in from above and a lower slab in the middle which houses the new master suite upstairs. The compressed ceiling in the middle forces the viewers eye out into the landscape whilst the tall double volume spaces have a grandness relating back to the historic portion of the house. The historic core of the house was left untouched whilst a very messy extension at the back was removed to make way for the new addition.  The upstairs bedroom has a large picture window framing a view of the picturesque Stellenbosch mountains. Currently under construction.

Project Team: Bettina Woodward, Nikki Onderstall & Kurvin Virahsawmy.