Langebaan’s urban development has been incredibly fragmented in the past. This project posits a new approach to encourage active street life and seeks to integrate transport with other commercial and social amenities to bring a pedestrian vibrancy back into the town centre. First and foremost the transport hub addresses the imminent need for a formal taxi rank to cater for long and short distance taxis that currently serve the town.

The facility can grow over time and will also accommodate other future modes of public transport. Central to the design of the project is that the facility must become a catalyst for economic and social development by creating trading opportunities for micro, small, medium and large businesses. The public promenade becomes an active social spine that connects the main road to the taxi rank and can become a gathering place for the community.

Location: Langebaan, West Coast

Type: Transport Infrastructure & mixed use developement

Size: 4993 m2

Status: Awaiting tender result

Design Team: Bettina Woodward, Nikki Onderstall, Jaco Forrer & Karien Trengove

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