Situated on a steeply sloped site overlooking the Langebaan lagoon, the house has two narrow courtyards on both levels, opening the living areas and bedrooms up to Northern light and creating respite from the area’s windy conditions. Thickened walls add a sense of the monastic. White minimalist interiors combined with rustic timber create a relaxed holiday atmosphere. Care has been taken to optimise the layout on this narrow site and provide each room with a special feature.

The materiality of the house references the vernacular architecture of the Cape and the Mediterranean. The house has a modest presence from the street, offering passers by a view of the lagoon through its low-lying upper terrace.  Upon entering, you catch a glimpse of the blue lagoon and on descending the small ramp, the giant lagoon picture window is revealed.  This main space contains the kitchen, dining room and lounge and is linked to an upper terrace that has frameless glass doors to screen the wind from different directions.

Location: Langebaan, Western Cape

Type: Residential Holiday House

Size: 200 m2

Status: Completed 2018

Design Team: Bettina Woodward, Shannon Tribe & Nikki Onderstall

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