Usana Farming Estate tasked us with the development of a new footprint for the historical Klein Welmoed farm that would also streamline the various activities on offer. We created a sequence of gardens, each with a unique identity, that lead the visitor to the reception space where events are hosted.

The charm of this old building lies in the beauty of its simple geometry and how it stands seemingly alone in the landscape. We were also tasked with conceptualising a function venue attached to the historic barn. Instead of keeping the old asbestos lean-to roof behind the existing store, we gave the structure a modern revision that also resolved a few practical issues. New structures are designed to be distinct from the historical buildings, yet unobtrusive from the front, thereby retaining the simplicity and romanticism of the old barn.

Location: Baden Powell Road, Western Cape
Type: New masterplan & wedding venue for Klein Welmoed Farm
Size: 360 m2
Status: In planning
Design Team: Bettina Woodward, Nikki Onderstall, Patrick Schuster & Shannon Tribe

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