This family retreat nestles among the rocks and surrounding indigenous fynbos and captures spectacular views over the rocky Atlantic shoreline. Wooden decks float above the vegetation softening the transition between the building and the landscape forming sheltered terraces. Inside, a large open plan living/dining/kitchen area provides space for gatherings of family and friends. All four bedrooms, as well as the living area have Southeast facing sea views, while the roof structure is tilted towards the Northern sun filling the rooms with warmth and light.

The house incorporates many sustainable features, such as high R-value insulation; double-glazing; non-electrical water heating and a rainwater capture system. In winter the house is heated with an efficient wood-burning stove which has an integrated heat-spreading system that sends warm air to the bedrooms upstairs. The design responds to the client’s request for clean-lines and wooden detailing while local stonework was introduced on the ground floor to anchor the building to its site.

Location: Betty’s Bay, Western Cape
Type: Residential Holiday House
Size: 280 m2
Status: Completed 2014
Design Team: Bettina Woodward, Marine Leblond

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