The design concept for this family home takes it starting point from the classic Cape barn house. The symmetrical stripped down nature of the building emulates the simplicity and timelessness of vernacular Cape architecture whilst adding to it a contemporary flavour. Two glazed gable ends face towards the forest and stream beyond framing the view in a giant picture window.

The heart of the house is the courtyard where the kitchen and dining area lead to the pool terrace. The playroom and service spaces are directly behind the main living area so that the life of the house becomes concentrated in this central area. The bedrooms are in the Western wing whilst the Eastern wing houses a formal lounge, dining area as well as lofty art space above the garage.

Project Team: Bettina Woodward, Nikki Onderstall, Lasse Rasmussen, Shannon Tribe, Kurvin Virahsawmy
Project Status: Completed January 2018.

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