Following on from the work done in Upington, Open City was then commissioned to redesign the Cradock Agrico branch. A similar design approach was undertaken, resulting in two shed structures that slide past one another, permitting natural light and ventilation to reach as many internal spaces as possible and allowing the diagrammatic arrangement of the building to function. The building sits on a natural rise, which allows for a sloped embankment for display of equipment and goods in between the front parking lot and the roadway which wraps around the building at a lower elevation.

The building terraces down towards the street, maximising visibility from the nearby N10 highway. Once again landscaping became a central theme, the surrounding
natural vegetation of the Eastern Cape with its iconic aloes inspiring the palette. A more beige brick was selected for the paving and landscaped terraces, and the green paint is also of an earthy tone. The detailing of the building itself is simple and honest.

Location: Cradock, South Africa

Type: Commercial

Size: 885 m2

Status: In progress

Design Team: Bettina Woodward & Sebastian Waters

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