This mixed-use, high density housing project is situated within the Salt River Triangle, where the suburbs of  Woodstock and Salt River meet.  The building faces North to connect with and revitalise the existing public park and to maximise sunlight in the public courtyard. The eastern side is closed to shelter the courtyard from the prevailing wind, providing an active commercial edge on the ground floor with a fine urban grain.

The large number of small, affordable housing units will boost the local economy and facilitate a vibrant public space.  The units add rhythmic expression to the façades of the new buildings referencing the historical row houses of the area..  Due to its flexible design, units can be combined to create family units in future, should the need arise.

Location: Hopkins Road, Salt River

Size: 11 220 m2

Status: Heritage Approval Obtained

Design Team: Bettina Woodward, Sebastian Waters & Alex Becker

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