Instead of wiping the slate clean, we decided that retaining the best parts of the historic fabric of this industrial site in Observatory was imperative.  The existing brick and concrete buildings form a charming sequence of ad hoc courtyards which are kept to form the heart of the new mixed-use, multi-storey development.


New buildings are added to the perimeter of the site to create a variety of apartment types ranging from 25 m2 – 50 m2.  The buildings take on a playful character and mimic the roof shapes of the existing industrial buildings on the property and in surrounding neighbourhood.


Location: Main Road, Observatory

Size: 11 220 m2

Status: In planning

Design Team: Kevin Fellingham, Katrina van Hassalt, Bettina Woodward, Jaco Forrer, Ilaena Napier, & Valerie Lehabe

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