Hofmeyer Street Guest House

To bring space and light into this Victorian-style cottage without ruining its charm, we designed a contemporary and discreet addition, by lifting the roof at the back of the property, and connecting the odd existing rooms. The style of the addition is intentionally in contrast with the existing cottage, so the original volume of the 1900 building remains obvious. The design aims to blend in rather than overpower the cottage and its surroundings, the historical Hofmeyr Street in Oranjezicht. Carefully set back from the street, the addition has a minimal impact on the streetscape but radically transforms the existing house. The small kitchen becomes larger and family-friendly. The courtyard is cleared of its space-consuming staircase, and the glass brick walls are demolished. On the first floor two new luxurious en-suite bedrooms are created. The flat roof in the corner of the property is made into a nestled patio, making the best of the diagonal views onto the leafy neighbourhood, the distant mountains and Cape Town's CBD.

Project Team:  Marine Leblond