Usana Farming Estate Masterplan

We were approached by Usana Farming Estate to develop a new masterplan for the historical farm Klein Welmoed which would streamline the various activities that are hosted here.  So we introduced the concept of a sequence of gardens, each with a unique identity, that lead the visitor through to the reception space where events are hosted.  The arrival space, the tea garden is framed with a pergola and two symmetrical reflection ponds made out of corten steel. The next garden is the morning garden because it gets the first light. A simple intervention of white walls forming benches around the existing trees is proposed to guide the visitor towards the old store and reception space, the main feature of the sequence. The charm of this old building is its beautiful simple geometry and its position, seemingly alone in the landscape. We tried to retain this by only introducing a raised meadow, that makes pathways leading to the front door and reception spaces behind the building. Instead of keeping the old asbestos lean-to roof behind the existing store, we proposed to leave the existing timber structure and to create a hanging garden. A new function space is then added like a skirt around the historic courtyard made like greenhouse tunnel structures.