Regenerating Saltriver

In its current post-industrial form, Salt River, once the hub of the textile industry is undergoing a rapid transformation led by artists and creative property developers. The area is marked by large under-utilised buildings which are now being put to a variety of new uses. A young property developer approached OpenCity to re-imagine the iconic PALS building on the corner of Durham and Victoria avenues. After our urban analysis of the site and its surrounding buildings we proposed a flexible, mixed-use strategy that would open up a number of different social and commercial opportunities. Special emphasis was placed on opening the facade outwards thereby activating the street on ground level and creating a social hub. The large internal volumes were subdivided with screen walls and strategically placed openings that would allow for easy expansion. This strategy meant that the building can accommodate large and small tenants alike without the need for constant alterations.

Project Team: Bettina Woodward, Marine Leblond & Jhono Bennett.