Belle Plage: Old and New

In the early 20th century, the Belle Plage was a smart hotel on the Normandy sea front. In the centre of the courtyard was the ballroom, with a patio in front and a garden at the back. The old hotel is now a block of flats, and the ballroom a private home. Its owners wished to extend the house with a bedroom and a winter garden. The extension is placed next to the main house, with a glazed gallery linking the two buildings. This way, the old limestone facade and the luxuriant vegetation are conserved. To reduce the apparent bulk of the new building, the volume is split into three elements, and look like informal, small pavilions fitting in the garden. The old hotel is a three-storey block of Caen limestone. All additions: outbuildings, outside staircase, and balustrades are made of decorative painted timber and fretwork. The extension to the ballroom is treated like an addition and references the same materials and typologies through the scale of the structure and window frames, timber construction, zinc roofing for low-pitched roof and slate for the four-pitch roofs.